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Hi guys,


I apply a paragraph style to different titles for defining the content of the TOC.

When in portrait orientation and when the title occupy more than one line of text into the TOC, it looses the allignment.




2             Grundlagen                                                              8

                     2.1 Brandschutz                                                9

                     2.2 Begriffe und Definitionen                             10

                     2.3 Innerer Sicherheitsbereich                           11

                     2.4 Gesetzliche Grundlagen                              13

                     2.4.1 Allgemeine gesetzliche Grundlagen für den

Strafvollzug   14 



Is there any way to deal with this without have to stop using ibooks author till is resolved?

I know we cannot customize the TOC in portrait orientation, but I can't believe nobody during the software development tested what happens when the titles are longer than one line of text


Thank you very much

iPad (4th gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (MM), iOS 6.1