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Hi All,


I have just received my iPhone 5 upgrade today...


I currently have the iPhone 4 and have used the iCloud to backup my device, i also ran a local backup to my laptop for piece of mind.


My question is:

When the iPhone 5 launches its setup wizard and I select the restore using iCloud option, can I stop the Apps from syncing?


I want to effectivly have a fresh iPhone with no apps but just copy over all my contacts, emails ect.


I have gone into the Settings -> iCloud and a left everything on the inital screen on

I then went to Storage & Backup -> Manage Storage -> My Device and turned off varuous Apps e.g. games I never play.


Will this stop them from migrating to my new iPhone 5?

Do I need to delete the Apps from iTunes as well??


Or is it better to clean up my iPhone 4 and delete any apps, run an iCloud backup and then just restore onto the iPhone 5?







I have read these KBs:






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iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
Reply by JimHdk on Feb 7, 2013 4:31 AM Helpful

Clean up the iPhone 4 do a clean backup and restore from that.

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