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Owing to a number of problems with my mac and ios devices, I am setting up EVERYTHING as new. My mac and my ios devices. Before beginning, I took a back up of Calendar & Contacts and then deleted all the contacts and all the calendars from my icloud account.


Since iCloud requires atleast one default calendar to be there I made one called calendar.


now i have set up my mac, iphone and ipad as new. i opened Calendar on my mac and it automatically loaded the default 'calendar'. then i simply double clicked on my ics file and i got a prompt to 'restore' my calendars with the one from the backup, which i did. a few seconds later Calendar 6.0 updates it self with icloud and instead of loading icloud with the newly restored calendar, restored Calendar app on my mac with the default one! this keeps on happening.


Followed the guidlines in apple's support article here... http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4967


accordingly, turned off calendar and reminder sync from icloud preferenced. but as soon as i restore my calendar from the back up it would automatically turn it self of and repeat the above mentioned behaviour.


someone please help me out. this should rather be simple.


ALSO... when i log in to icloud.com it shows me the birthday calendar with entries that are supposedly fetched from my contacts. the deal is.... (i checked and i am sure) my contact book is completely empty, as i had set it up, before formatting my mac and ios devices.


please help!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 13 inch, 2.4 Ghz, Mid 2010
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couldn't really prevent the techie inside me for getting things done! i should be behind one of those genius bars too!  here is what i did... disconnect internet from the mac.import the ics file into calendar app.export each calendar to the desktopreconnect the mac to the internetlet calendar app sync to icloudwait for all calendars to vanishdouble click on a calendar export to the desktopimport as a "new calendar" from the drop down listrepeat for each calendardelete the default calendar. for contacts...disconnect the mac from the internetimport the backup into contacts.appselect all contactsdrag and drop on the desktopthey appear as a single contact card archive.reconnect the mac to the internetsee the contacts vanish!drag and drop the arvhice to the appsee each card get importedwait it to sync with icloudtada!
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    wow... just checked... happening with CONTACTS app as well! i double click the back up, it asks me to 'replace all', which I do. i see the new entries, and within seconds they are all gone with only my contact card and the default contact card there!

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    couldn't really prevent the techie inside me for getting things done! i should be behind one of those genius bars too!


    here is what i did...


    • disconnect internet from the mac.
    • import the ics file into calendar app.
    • export each calendar to the desktop
    • reconnect the mac to the internet
    • let calendar app sync to icloud
    • wait for all calendars to vanish
    • double click on a calendar export to the desktop
    • import as a "new calendar" from the drop down list
    • repeat for each calendar
    • delete the default calendar.


    for contacts...

    • disconnect the mac from the internet
    • import the backup into contacts.app
    • select all contacts
    • drag and drop on the desktop
    • they appear as a single contact card archive.
    • reconnect the mac to the internet
    • see the contacts vanish!
    • drag and drop the arvhice to the app
    • see each card get imported
    • wait it to sync with icloud
    • tada!
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    OMG...Thank you for posting this!  It took me a couple of hours while I restored calendars and then watched them disappear!  The trick was to import the back-ups as "New Calendars" and then delete the default after that.  Problem solved and no calendars lost!  Genius!

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    I am glad i could be of help to you.


    Like they say...what you resist, persists.


    I was resisting reconciling with the fact that apple is turning into another microsoft, the microsoft that was during its peak ... A company bothered only sbout the sales figures than the quality of its products.


    Apple is gradually turning into that company. And this started of while Steve was with Apple. If only he was with a few more years he could had gotten things straight.


    In my 5 years of using apple products as my primary machines/devices for day to day activity, i realized it is a constatnly degrading experience in terms of some of the things that were being said about apple back in 07-08 that made otherwise pc users like me switch to apple st the first place. Things like 'it just works' or 'macs never crash' or simimlar stuff. Since the successive verions of os x i hve seen more crashes that i would even with windows! The beach ball is sometimes as bad as a crash considering reboot is the only option!


    Iphones are no different. Iphone 3g was turned into a brick by ios 4, which apple never fixed (intentionally i guess to drive the sales of the 3gs). Then the home button issue with the 4 and offcourse the antenna gate. My iphone 4 has been replaced thrice for the home button failure and the new one has the same problemsince day 1. Unfortunately they make u wait for a week before they get a replacement here in india so i just stopped replacing it.


    And the antenna gate issue is anythign but solved. What apple has mamanged is to delay the disconnection of the call incase of singal loss until after a second or two u realize u need to move ur fingers from the antenna. In the mainhild what u get is dead air!


    Apple is in this mad rush of bringing in newer and newer products and services without actually ironinig out the kinks it has left into those that are already out there. 'It just works' is a thing of the past!


    Its now in a race for market dominance, much like microsoft was, and it is leaving behind a trail of dissatisfied customers and 'fans' which will leave the apple boat/bandwagon, sometime in the future, when there is a better alternative available... The next best thing. They r slowlly loosing very essence of what made them no 1.


    Itunes and iphoto r a mess. I fear using them as, like it has happened in the past, a new update might just make my photos or music vanish! And u would have to wait for weeks before apple fixes it.  Cnsidering the fact that these are not referenced libraries but are consolidated ones, ur are left with no option but to wait for the fix or else move to a non apple one like picasa,  which people dont like to do because of our 'love' for evertyhing apple! In effect apple has made us more dependent on its systems and services even more than microsoft was able to do.


    I mean COME ON! Icloud has been here for. More than a year and it cant handle a bloody import from a backup!!!! Once again, i believe apple is trying to make it difficult for users to switch data between platforms and competing services and make them more dependent on its own.


    Just two months back i impulsively ended up subscribing for itunes match. The bloody thing hasnt recognized more than half of my songs, even while they r up there in the store, and even while right clicking on the track and selecting 'show in itunes store' ACTUALLY TAKES U TO THE TRACK!!! How can one beat that? This is a loot. U r promised something and ur not delievered it, inspite of being charged for it.


    So that day i just dropped of all my notions about apple  and all my expetations for it to 'just work', and i thought of it for a moment.... "What would have i dont to make this work if this was micorsoft windows and not apple macintosh!" Suddenly the troubleshooter in me got active and tried alternative ways to fix this cheap product. And... 'It just worked!'

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    Pardon the typos. Ether safari or the forums r not designed to work 'seemlessly' with ios and mac's inbuilt spell checking and requires me to do it manually from the controls above this textfield, which i refuse to!