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My iPhone, iPad, and iMac are all showing my iCalendar correctly. The iCloud calendar is missing a good 4/5s of my data. How do I push the correct calendars appearing on my iDevices to replace the incomplete one in iCloud?

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    Mine is doing the same thing.  I thought all my events had been deleted.  Most of my reacurring events are missing from icloud.com, but do show on my phone and IPad.

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    I've seen a few such reports recently.


    Calendars can't sync from one device to another without syncing with iCloud, so I'm inclined to think the data is hidden rather than deleted when you look via iCloud.com. I could well be wrong but I'd be inclined to do nothing for the time being, except maybe making an up to date back up of the calendars from one of the devices where they are correct.

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    I just tried turning Calendar OFF on my iPhone, and then back on again. This was supposed to cause all the data to merge with iCloud, but it didn't work. Fortunately it did NOT overwrite the accurate calendar on the iPhone.

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    A similar problem has started happening to me! It's terrible, I've done so much without a fix. It started about 4 days ago...only some of my events in one of my icloud calendars were not showing up on my idevices (everything on my computer was still OK though). I tried everything from resetting accounts, backing up/restoring calendars, etc... I spent about 2 hours yesterday on the phone with Apple with 2 different advisors and neither could fully resolve my situation.

    Here's what I've narrowed the problem down to: it's not a syncing problem (since whatever I see on icloud.com shows up on my iphone/ipad), rather, it seems to be an iCloud server problem with recognizing certain recurring/repeat events. The events that seems to disappear magically on the icloud servers are RECURRING EVENTS only (I have seen no problems with single events). Even when I make a new recurring event to test my calendar, it will sync with icloud correctly for a few minutes/hours, then I'll look again and the recurring events will have again disappeared.

    Between this and all the bugs in iOS6 with Exchange, I'm losing my patience with Apple... in any case, to the TS, have you noticed similar symptoms? Are the events that are disappearing on your icloud also recurring/repeat events?

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    I have had the same problem, for around the same time! Except, I think, in reverse-- recurring events have disappeared from icloud.com but remained on my iphone.


    Scared the living daylights out of me!! as, once I have input stuff in iCloud, it is wiped from my brain and I become utterly dependent, including for work purposes, on that 'ping'.


    I have found that, if I switch view from my normal view (Week) to Month, and then switch back, my recurring events reappear. BUT-- because I am so dependent on iCloud, and for very important things, I remain very worried! If their system can do this and they can't seem to work out why, what else might it do?


    I mean-- I know I'm using it as a free service; but stuff like this can still damage Apple's reputation. I hope they do something about it-- and flag up what has been done in some way the information is easy to find.