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What is up? I have had a question for a couple of days now. You guys know what you are talking about and I just need some help. Can't get it from Apple because I have had my ipod for over a year. Even at taht I am still a newby at this and with a computer. Everyone bouncing over my disscussion. I understand to you guys it may be an easy fix but it is stressing me out. I can not add any more music to my ipod because it downloaded all my pic from my computer into albums. I don't have a simple edit button or a red minus icon to tap and it go away. I have even lost some of my oictures on my computer trying to figure out how to get the albums off my ipod.I think i stop them from syning now but I am totally lost. Was going to buy an ipad but there is no support for me if something happens. Making me think twice about getting an apple product.  Again can anyone help me fix this? I would so appreciate it.

iPod touch, iOS 6.1