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I like to keep my software up to date.


After the last update on my Mac-Mini though I noticed that I can no longer list all songs grouped by album with cover art.


Worse however I then see i have cloud icons next to some albums, and when I play them, it is downloading the track from the internet!


***!  I have extremely low bandwidth, and why would I want to stream songs I have stored locally? Plus I get horrible pauses whilst buffering, interruptions during, and my bandwidth left for work is almost zero!


Also I appear to have duplicates of everything, and I have to make a consious choice to play the locally stored one. (see screenshot)


When in "random song" mode, there is no choice, so it always streams.


I never asked for this and I certainly never gave my permission for Apple to upload my songs, provide me with streaming instead of my local files, and to use up all my bandwidth!


If it is in fact in the small print, then I think it's a most horrendous abuse of power.


Below is an example, I have the songs twice, left side with cloud icon, and right hand side from local storage.


If I play the album it will download the whole thing.


Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 16.19.14.png

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.7)