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The new Mac Mini, especially with USB3, but also Fusion Drive and plenty of RAM, is very appealing to me… I am making an inventory of all the PPC apps I will loose when I upgrade my machine. Some pro calibration software and costly specialized devices I will be disconnected from…


There was a discussion about installing successfully a virtual Snow Leopard in Parallels Desktop on the 2011 Mac Mini.

Can I install Snow Leopard on the new Mac Mini


I have Windows running in Parallels but was quite surprised to learn that it takes Mac Os's too! Has anyone had success installing on the late 2012 (current) model? How does Parallels behave in relation to ports? I remember some issues in Classic, when programs could not always communicate with devices. (please do not **** me off with licensing issues)


Lastly, what apps will be taken by ML, is it only the Intel ones, only 64 bits, or will it take for instance Universal 32 bits apps such as Final Cut Pro 5.1.4 as well?


Thanks in advance for your feedback!



Mac OS X (10.6.8)