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I have installed the latest AST (new install, not an upgrade) without any issues.  The Gateway Manager, however, is unable to connect to the server.  The ADR Server URL was pre-populated and is https://adr.apple.com/services/ws/capture.  After entering in my information and clicking save, the Authentication Status goes from Authenticating to Server Not Available, and I get a giant red bar across the screen saying ADR Server Not Available.


The computer is running Mountain Lion Server with all of the latest patches.  The machine is online.  I can browse to any website I want.  I can't figure out why it can't contact the ADR Server.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Apple Service Toolkit, OS X Server
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    I pulled all of my images and AST installation files off and did a fresh, clean install of newly downloaded AST 1.5.2 and it seemed to fix the problem. I'm not sure if this is just a coincidence or not but it's worth a shot.

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    I realize this is an older thread, but I happened upon it when searching for an answer. I noticed that my MRI results weren't getting uploaded to Apple.  I also had the giant red bar across the screen saying ADR Server Not Available.


    My problem was that I had updated my password for GSX recently and had not put the new password into the settings of the dianostic Gateway.  As soon as I updated the password I was able to authenticate and my problems dissapeared.