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Need some advice with an issue I've noticed on my macbook pro 15" dispaly. Recently, I had noticed two (2) white blemishes about 1 inch wide and about 1/2 inch deep. I've gone to the Mac Store and they want to charge me a $75 diagnostic fee, which I'm not about to pay, and the Macbook is still under warrenty. I would like to know if this is a hardware issue or something else since the white spots ONLY display on light colors on the screen, but NOT on dark colors. I've linked a photo on a solid white background, solid black there are no white blemishes.






MB990LL/A, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Mac OS X

    Call AppleCare.





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    Thanks for the direction to AppleCare. Since the last post I have been receiving nothing but a run around with Apple.

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    Two full months have gone by and Apple has yet to resolve the issue. Dozens of calls and voicemails left and not one call back.

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    I have noticed a similar issue on my rMBP today, see attached picture above the Safari icon. When looking at it very close to the screen it seems to me that I can see a group of light grids shining through. I can only guess that this might be some sort of LED grid which creates the light for the screen. It is definately "behind" the screen. And as you have noticed it appears on white or light colored screen color. Whenever, a dark color is shown it does not show (I assume it might be because the LEDs turn off?). I have arranged an appointment at the Genius bar and I am curious what they will tell me.

    rMBP Display.jpg

    Running on rMBP mid-2012 on OS X 10.8.2 (12C3006)

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    Took a few more photos, completely dark. It's more apparent when you're looking directly at it. These blemishes are perfectly aligned and centered from each other. The bleeding around the edges seems normal, but also displays large shadows and along other areas the bleeding transitions into the shadow.


    Unfortuneately where I live there is no Genius bar to get this taken care of directly and once and for all. The display clearly needs to be replaced and a manufacturer defect, but the "Mac" service guys locally claim the defect is "barely" visible and accused me of causing the damage and claiming the blemish is above certain keys on the keyboard that cause it. Whichever. This MBP has had issues since the day it was purchased, logic board replaced, battery replaced, ultra drive replaced, etc... etc... this is becoming very annoying when I'm writing my Psychology papers for class. 


    I've been very patient with AppleCare each time I call, but I'm not receiving any support from Apple regarding this issue. Ridiculous!