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Until recently we had a podcast showing in the iTunes store for Garage Logic with Joe Soucheray (1500 ESPN Twin Cities). The podcast still exists and can be downloaded by current subscribers, but cannot be found in the store by searching.


Nothing has changed in the way we generate the podcast feed, and the many other shows that we run are listing fine in the Store search.


This is the feed in question:



Any idea why the podcast would suddenly disappear from the iTunes store search, yet still update and be downloadable by current subscribers?


  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,104 points)

    Have you checked the Store page URL you were given in your acceptance email? If it's not there, then it's presumably been removed by the Store staff.


    Possible reasons for removal include technical failure of the feed (doesn't seem to be the case), strong language when no 'explicit' tag is set, or in the title anyway, unacceptable content (such as racial abuse or sexual content of the kind that can get you arrested - I'm not implying this is the case here) and breach of copyright - i.e. including commercial CD recordings without clearance (which you would be unlikely to get).


    You could try emailing them at podcasts 'at' apple.com - normally they send a message saying a podcast has been removed but don't usually give a reason. It's not unknown for removal to happen in error, so you should ask about it, though I can't promise you will get a helpful response.

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    There was no store page URL in the feed confirmation email, and I don't beleive I ever received an acceptance email. The odd thing is the old store page URL for this podcast takes me to an existing podcast of ours but for a different show. (Yes, I've checked the feed for the itunes URL and they are not the same.) There's not much similar between the two that would cause a conflct.


    I've emailed Apple, so we'll see what they say.