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Owing to FCPX being a bit ungainly (for me) in finding sections of media, and my not being as quick with it [yet] as I am with FCP7, I shut down a new project in FCPX, and tried to go at it in FCP7. I imported the media from the event folder, and started cutting away. Some footage came from a small Panasonic domestic camcorder (there's a reason!), and other footage is from the Panasonic HMC.


Both show 1920, but have different data rates. Both play fine in the sequence timeline.


Here's the rub:


When I cut between them, FCP7 gives a dropped frame message, or - if I switch off warnings - the image shudders when the playhead crosses the cut.


Any thoughts?



Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)