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I installed iCloud on my PC about 5 months ago. PC is Win7 32 bit. Worked FINE ... my MS Outlook contacts were copied to my iPad perfectly.


Noticed that in OUTLOOK, my contacts were in the cloud and NOT in Outlook anymore ... but did not care.


Today I auto-archived Outlook, and now my connection to the Cloud is GONE.


Uninstalled and reinstalled iCloud ( ... but when I run iCloud Control Panel, and CLICK the Outlook mail and contacts button in the control panel, I get an error that says iCloud is not installed correctly ... and that I should go to Windows Program Settings and "Repair" it ... which I do ... but I get the same error over and over... even after a fresh install.


So now my MS Outlook has ZERO contacts, and I cannot see my "me.com" email in Outlook anymore




It WAS working great. Now it does not work at all.