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I have Mountain Lion and Face time keeps telling me that it cannot sign in. I do not have network issues and Face Time works perfect on my iPad. This happens also on Messages. Tried different solutions that I found on the Internet and in this forum :-(


Face Time will also not provide a bold PREFERENCES or TURNONFACETIME.



FaceTime 2.0


OS X:  10.8.2


Thank you all in advance for your help.

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    If you have an active firewall, see the FaceTime behind a firewall knowledge base article


    Have you done the troubleshooting facetime on a Mac procedures?

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    Hi Ralph Landry1,

    I added FaceTime and Messages to the Firewall setting to allow incoming and outgoing and it didn't work - after reading your entry I even went ahead and turned it off - still didn't work.

    I went to the article before I posted this help call.


    Been at the "troubleshooting factetime on a Mac" as well.  No success.


    Thank you for the thought.

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    When you open iMessages and under Messages > Preferences do you have an account in iCloud that can be added?  And are you using your email address as an account?  If so, the protocol has to be set right, common for carriers like Verizon is to use Jabber.

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    Hi Ralph Landry1,

    :-(    checked it out. I have several mail accounts under Messages loaded but the iMessage one where you enter the APPLE ID just won't sign in.


    Same for FaceTime - the login just does not work.


    I do have a GMX mail as login though but I was not able to find any settings for GMX for the account type to use.


    All I was able to find on the net is how to configure Apple Mail for an GMX account.


    Anyway the login on FaceTime or iMessage do not work with my APPLE ID that does in fact is a GMX e-mail address.




    Thank you again.

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    BTW - strange enough - on my iPad it does work without problems. It's just on my Mac Pro with Mountain Lion where it does act up.