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The Mac Mini can not be considered a pro model for photogs and retouchers at all. Not with one tb port. To use a dual monitor setup AND use the tb port for an external drive using tb like the OWC helios PCIe, you HAVE to use an apple display wich is awful for serious color work. It's a shame, was so close to ordering one of these for the price it would have been unbeatable. Only option is the MBP retina for the dual tb ports...but that's twice the expense. New macpro would be the only other serious option if it ever comes out.

Mac mini
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    Hi, while I agree...




    I have no idea if it'd work for what you want, but it's an option many aren't aware of.

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    Hmm, saw that and am leery...for detail and color work that is crucial to the point of being anal retentive I can not trust that. I wonder if a TB hub would be any better? Thoughts?

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    I have a Mac mini and I do SERIOUS photo retouching, and I don't have an Apple display. it would be nice with a second monitor but the monitor I have is 27" and works just fine

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    Of course one monitor is perfectly fine and i'm sure you're kicking major but out there in the retouching world (never say you're high-end, it has become the red alert for hack retoucher in nyc!)


    But I have solved my dilema... if you're interested then check it out...


    •mac mini palette monitor connected via hdmi bc who cares what that monitor looks like


    •240GB OWC Helios PCIe Chassis connected via thunderbolt on mac mini (workspace and PS scratch disc drive)


    •NEC 24" monitor daisy chained off of the Helios as the main display (Eizo's are cool but their performance has dropped since the CG211 model and imo is nowhere near worth the extra 1500 clams etc...)


    •Then storage/backup drive via one of the usb 3.0 ports!


    Of course I can always wait to see what the "new" mac pros will have this spring....if that holds true!

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    Only reports I've seen so far is it was better color than most any HDMI setups.