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    loekvh wrote:


    I'll have to owe you the answer to that.  When I get home I'll take a look.


    And the answer is ... I don't know.  I don't see anywhere on the utility how I can see what band is being used.  I currently can  a few clients connected to the express.  When I drill into one of the clients it show a connection speed of 240 Mb/s, RSSI -69 dBm, nothing about signal band.  Where do I find that?

  • loekvh Level 1 (0 points)

    Never mind, I found it.  5 GHz was not checked, I checked it to try it out.  The connection speed even went up to 300 Mb/s.  I'll leave the Express at this setting and see how it behaves.

  • lisfolks Level 1 (70 points)

    My connection problems have only been with the 5 GHz band since the beginning of this discussion. I was totally expecting a patch quickly with the number of people having issues. There is a lot of 2.4 GHz interference in my area, so having that 5 GHz band available really makes a difference in my connection speeds.

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    I just bought the new Airport Extreme (the big tall one) and upgraded it to 7.6.3 right away.

    2.4Ghz is stable although sometimes slow.  It is usable.

    5Ghz is not very usable at all.  All clients that use 5Ghz eventually lose the connection to the Internet.

    They stay connected to WiFi, but the Internet goes away.  All clients on the 2.4Ghz maintain Internet connectivity indefinitely.  A 5Ghz client just needs to power cycle thier WiFi radio and all is OK again for a few hours.

    I see that my mistake was to upgrade this unit out of the box.  I will downgrade my AE to 7.6.1 immediately when I get home.  Thanks for the info.

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    I'm experiencing the same problem with being dropped.  However, I've seen much better range, stronger signal and better speed.


    There is a whole other thread on being dropped by the new TC and AE.  I will be very curious to hear if downgrading to 7.6.1 is possible on the new units, then if it is, does it solve the drop problems.

  • Tin Omen Level 1 (10 points)

    "There is a whole other thread on being dropped by the new TC and AE."

    Could you provide a link?

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    Ah, so that is quite interesting that the New Airport Extreme has this issue, guess they are lumped with 7.6.3.  Interesting if you can downgrade their Firmware, let us know!!?

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    Well I tried 5 GHz for a while, and have turned ot off again.  Too flackey.  No announcements from Apple yet if they are going to address all the issues mentioned in this and other threads regarding the 7.6.3 "upgrade"?

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    Sorry - I was traveling yesterday.  Here is the other thread on the new TC/AE.

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    I have read that the issue with AE's dropping out with firmware 7.6.3 can be fixed by manually setting the 5Ghz frequency.


    See about halfway down the page.

  • Ian Jacobs Level 1 (95 points)

    So Firmware update 7.6.4 has been released, who's gonna try it??



    Says fixes ipv6 tunnelling error!!

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    Tryed 7.6.4 , still killing 300Mps...

  • Gabriel_gabo Level 1 (5 points)

    Reverting to 7.6.2, and everithing it's ok.. at least on mine airport express base station 802.11n (2º generation)

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    Seems solid so far (7.6.4) on 5th gen Airport Extreme base station, various Mac Mini's, iPads and iPhones here, having looked at MBP or MP's yet!?  But an hour or two in and seems no issues on any devices!?

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    After reflexively doing the upgrade to 7.6.3 just to eliminate the red badge on the Airport, and having Armageddon, I steadfastly adhere to a new rule: Upgrade only when necessary because of bugs or invaluable new features.