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I bought a used Mac Mini Server with OSX Mountain Lion Server, but the Server App is obviously registered with the Apple-ID of the former user, and I'm not able to download it even after a fresh installation of the OS.


Is there a way to transfer the App from one ID to the other? Or will I have to buy the whole Server Update again although it should be bound to the system?

Mac mini Server, OS X Server
  • Brian Nesse Level 4 (2,930 points)

    Server.app is bound to the Apple ID, not the system, since it came from the App Store. I suspect you are going to have to purchase your own copy of Server, but you could try contacting Apple Care... maybe they have a solution for this specific problem.

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    I already did contact Apple and they said exactly just that: I woud have to buy a new version. This is just ridiculous in my eyes, as it should be bound to the system or at least it should be transferable from one ID to the other, if the owner changes. What is a server worth without a Server OS? Then they could just sell the mac mini and the OS serparately...
    This wasn't the case with lion, where it came with the system! It's a effin' joke and to my personally just another way to make more $$$... I mean it isn't much, but I find this just senseless.