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I would like to setup multiple websites on the same Mac Mini Server. I have 1 IP address from my ISP and am using a Dynamic DNS service to point my domain names to my external IP address. My server is assigned 1 internal IP address from my Airport Extreme. What I would like to do is be able to point one domain to one folder on the server (contianing the web server files) and a second domain to point to a different folder on the server. Both domains would be using port 80. How can I do this with 10.8 Server and a single external IP address?

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    Simply create new virtual hosts.  This is done in the Server App.  Apple calls them Web Sites.  Simply define a new site, setting the fully qualified host name in the domain name field.  Then select the site root in the Store Site Files In field.


    The Apache web server will read each http request.  The request will contain the host name that the user is asking for.  Apache will parse that information and route the viewer to the correct virtual host.

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    Actually, this has been working for me as long as I did not use SSL.


    When using SSL, all requests were pointing at the same domain name. I have tried to use two different Ethernet interfaces with two different IP addresses but it did not work either and always pointed to the domain name with the smaller IP address.


    Any help would be welcome.