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I have iTunes match, and enabled it across 3 devices - Macbook Pro, iPad 2 & iPhone 4S.


When I'm on wi-fi, or out and about receiving a (3g) signal, if I rate a song on my phone the rating gets sent into the ether and is reflected on any device.  Nice.


However, I live in London and often travel on the tube.  Mostly, I'll be 'offline' when travelling.


If I rate a song while offline, I see my phone trying to send the metadata (little whirring circular thingamajig in the upper left-hand corner) which it obviously fails to do as there's no connection.


Fair enough.  It can't update straight away.


But....I was kind of expecting the metadata to get updated later?


When I get home in the evening and browse my iTunes library on my Macbook, the ratings I did while offline are not shown. I can go back to my iPhone and see that the song is still rated.


So I sync my iPhone.  After the sync, I check again, and the ratings still don't match.


Is there any way to force the ratings to match, beyond re-rating them?


Given the amount of 'offline travelling' I do, it's a bit of a deal-breaker on whether to enable it on my iPhone. I might consider turning it off until I (or Apple) figure out a way to fix that.

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