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When I will wake up the computer by pressing a button of the keyboard the computer turns off and after that it will not start up with the on/off button at the back of the computer (brand new mini mac late 2012 with Mountain Lion). What's wrong?

  • Dave Stowe Level 5 (5,085 points)

    Try resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)....



    .....as you read through the article pay attention to the section on (Power)......

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    A brand new mini should not behave that way, if the problem persists I would contact apple.

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    Yes, I have this problem also.


    It has been a problem since I bought it in November. It also has a tendency to shut itself off when it is asleep (before I try and wake it up) and the power button is also not responsive at those times.


    "Resetting the SMC" from the support article essentially means unplugging it, waiting a few seconds, plugging it back in and then waiting a few seconds before turning it on which you are probably already doing to get it back on.


    I can't offer you much advice. I took it to support at the apple store and they changed the logic board but it did not solve the problem. I have also reinstalled the operating system to no avail. Apple seemed to think that it wasn't a problem with the power supply because it is only shutting down when it is asleep. But I don't really know what to think of that because they were wrong about the logic board. Part of the difficulty I have had is that it is intermittent and it invariably doesn't happen when I take it in.


    To be honest this has just been one of many problems I have encountered with this machine. I still have the video blinking out issue which appears on this forum as well as the usb3 wireless interference / shielding issue (solved only by not using usb3 to connect my external drive).


    I have therefore learned to live with it as it is only intermittent. It is annoying though as it means that reliable connecting remotely to it when I am away will not be possible.


    If you have any luck diagnosing your problems please post back here because you are the only person I have seen with this issue.


    Good luck.

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    Thank you all for the answers, but the last answer from jpburke helps me a lot.

    I did all the things like resetting the SMC, tried other powerplugs in the house, but now I know that Apple cannot help me too, I can skip a lot of possible solutions.

    I'll try to find out what is wrong (I hope so...) and let you know if I find the answer.

    I still thought that it was a typical European problem, I live in the Netherlands)

    because we have 220V and not 110V.

    ...be continued...