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I got a PowerBook G4 17" 1,5 GHz last week.

I installed a SSD. Super fast, cool and silent.


Now I mention a silent zzzzshshhshhhpffffpfffzzzz noise when the power adapter is pluged in.


I can hear this noise when the PB is turned off with or without inserted battery.


On startup it dissappears and appears again when the OS has booted.


I could swear that this noise wasn't before. Its very silent, but I can hear it.

If you reduce the brighness there is another silent noise too.


The hardware check don't found anything.


Did you hear such noise on your PowerBooks

The DC-IN board?


Please help

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    So, I opened it and disconected as much parts I could.

    No Speakers, no soundcard, no harddrive, no fans, no bluetooth, no memory.


    This chirping noise comes from the logicboard! As soon as I plug in the power cord it is there.

    (The PowerBook is turned off)


    Are all PowerBooks (17") producing this electronic chirping noise?