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I had bought an Apple 23 inch, HD LED Cinema Display in late 2009, and about year ago it started to flicker on and off, but would come back and eventually work fine after a second or two, well then a couple of months ago the display starting getting darker and darker. Eventually it was not as bright as my early 2009 24 inch iMac, when it was much brighter for over a couple of years time. Then about a month ago the screen went completely dark.


I took it to the Apple store and they did a check on it and felt that it was the logic board, he held a light up to the display and he said the display was completely dark so he felt that meant it was a logic board issue. Also, when he attached to his little iMac the screen flash on for a moment, so it showed that the display itself could function. Yet, once their technicians did the repair and installed a new logic board it still did not work. Apple said it was the display, which the other tech had ruled out. So, now for me to fix this instead of costing about $130, it would cost close to $700, which in turn I said keep it, because why should I pay $700 for one with known issues when a new one would cost only a few hundred more.


Now, why am I disappointed in Apple? This is why, I bought this LED for a grand, and it did not even last me 3 years, so now for my second monitor I am using my Apple 22 inch Cinema LCD display which I purchased close to 20 years ago, and it works perfect.


Also, as evident by these boards this display as known issues with flickering and eventually not working. I brought this up to Apple and they skirted around the issue. To me this is bad business. I do graphic design and photography, I own a lot of Apple products and I feel as though they are slipping and they are slipping in their quality of work. A display built now should not break down quicker than a display purchased close to 20 years ago.


So, I feel as though Apple is doing a disservice to a good customer like myself by not owning up to some type of design flaw with this display and either fixing it for free or replacing it with another Display, or allowing me to purchase another display at a discounted price.


Like I said I own a lot of Mac products and have been a good customer, but now I feel as though Apple has turned their back on me and other clients with a similar issue with this display.