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I am not getting any sounds from my iphone 4S. The volume buttons on the phone will bring up the ringer display but no level indicator. Also, when the phone is locked and I slide to open it. There is no audible click. I've performed a factory restore and restore from back up. After the restore the sounds seem to work for a few seconds and then nothing again. The phone still rings when I get a call but only vibrates on everything else (texts, emails, alarms).

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1
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    I have the same problem with my iPhone 4S. It was on it at iOS 6.1, and now it is at 7.0.3.

    Sometimes all sounds are coming back and works, but after some time of usage all sound are getting off again.

    When i'm using headphones or AUX, all sounds are available. In normal situation I can't hear any default sounds (such as keybord sounds, lock\unlock sounds etc.), can't hear any music, youtube videos, SMS, notifications etc. But I can hear the sound of ringtone, when I have an incoming call, I can hear all sounds of Siri, and I can hear the sound of the voice of my interlocuter in the phone call or in a facetime call.


    Please, help me! this problem bothers me very much!!

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    Having same problem with my Iphone 4 after I updated to IOS 7.0.3 yesterday. It can't be a hardware issue with so many people having the same problem after updating to 7.0.3.  Has anyone been able to fix?

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    I have the same problem (I think).
    There is no sound anymore when playing music on my iPhone 4s, or playing games, or when I make a photo or when I turn off the phone (so its go in standby mode). But...

    Siri does work and even the volume adjustment work when Siri is active??


    I've made a few screenshots where you can see the/my problem.

    You can also see that the volume slide disappear automatically??

    (I'm Dutch, so don't mind the non English text in the screenshots)


    2013-10-25 15.44.37.png

    2013-10-25 15.44.48.png

    2013-10-25 15.44.56.png

    2013-10-25 15.45.28.png

    2013-10-25 15.45.56.png

    2013-10-25 15.46.38.png

    2013-10-25 15.46.39.png





    Apple please Help!!!!!

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    Have the same issue, sound coming on and off ad random.. Tried reset etc, but nothing helped.

    So far, it looks like cleaning the connector port with a toothbrush is actually working... (At least I have had stable sound for a few hours now)


    So at least worth a try..

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    Hi Remko_rrs


    Thx for your reply.

    I've use a brush (without any liquid material) ones.... and it didn't work for me.

    But maybe I have to try it again

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    After I watch the film from Paul Fuxjäger on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=812mT...ature=youtu.be).


    I also cleaned my iPhone connectors with a toothbrush and alcohol (70%).

    First it didn't work for me, I saw a few times that my volume bar was back.. but it was only for a few (mili)seconds... But


    After I laydown my phone for a hour and check it agian... everything work fine again.

    Really!! Everything works again