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Firstly forgive me, My knowledge of this (or any) server software is non existant. As was my knowledge of computing 3 or 4 years ago. I'm the type of person that will throw himself in the deep end and learn by trial and error. That being said I have come across a problem for which I have no knowledge of how to solve and my own research for the same problem elsewhere has has reeped no rewards. I therefore humbly ask that if anyone of you can help I would be grateful.


Before OS X Server Installation


I have an Mid 2011 iMac and a MacBook Pro Retina 13. I share files from the iMac, not the MacBook. The iMac has it's internal drive and 2 external drives. I have all drives shared and I access on the MacBook. I can back up the MacBook to one of the iMac external drives without problem.


After OS X Server Installation


OS X file sharing switched on automatically. External hard drives are no longer shared. When sharing enabled on external drives they show as a file and not mounted drives. I can no longer back up the MacBook. I get the error "The network backup disk does not support the required AFP features".



Due to the above I restored the iMac to pre OS X installation so the file sharing works as it did before. I can now back up the MacBook again.


If anyone can tell me how to solve the above issue so I can continue to keep my MacBook backed up and continue in my quest to gain knowledge I'd be grateful.

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    My solution to this was easy. I just used OS X server to manage back ups. Once I turned Time Machine on in server.app I could select the required disc and it created a back up folder on the drive. I was then able to select this folder/drivein Time Machine preferences as the backup disc.


    If anyone else is as much as a novice as I am and wasn't getting any help from this forum, hopefully this will help you.