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Siri not responding to questions. I hold button until I hear 2 beeps. Screen sez "what can I help you with?". I ask question and get absolutely no response.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    Are you sure that your iPad mic is working? You could try recording a short video with sound to test the mic.

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    Thank you for your response. Recorded a voice memo and it played back fine. Using iPhone 5

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    Go to Settings>General>Siri and turn it off, restart your phone and then go back and turn Siri on again and see if she resonds after that.


    When Siri appears on the screen do you see the mircophone with the swirling purple circle?

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    Restart did not work.


    Microphone appears on screen, beeps twice, bottom of microphone lights up, I ask question, no,response, beeps twice again and then micro light out.  No swirling pirple circle though.

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    Are you bringing the phone up to your ear? Read this.


    Using Siri

    How do I ask Siri something?

    To talk to Siri, hold down the Home button and you'll hear two quick beeps and see "What can I help you with? on the screen. Just begin speaking. The microphone icon lights up to let you know that Siri hears you talking. Once you've started a dialogue with Siri, tap the microphone icon to talk to it again.

    There's more than one way to talk to Siri. Siri works with headphones and Bluetooth headsets. When you're using headphones with a remote and microphone, you can press and hold the center button to talk to Siri. With a Bluetooth headset, press and hold the call button to bring up Siri.


    On iPhone, simply bring iPhone up to your ear when the screen is on. You'll hear two quick beeps to indicate that Siri is listening to you.

    In a car that supports Eyes Free, you can also start a conversation with Siri by pressing a button on your steering wheel.

    Siri waits for you to stop talking, but you can also tap the microphone icon to tell Siri you're done talking. This is useful when there's a lot of background noise.



    More about Siri here.


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    Still no luck.

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    This solved my problem.  Hope this doesn't happen again. 

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    Demo's suggestion solved my problem.  Thanks!