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Hi everyone,


was prompted to upgrade itunes on my PC and also upgrade the software on my iphone 4s.Went through as usual but took 3 goes to get a successful upgrade of itunes on the PC. Then was prompted to update quick time, this was done successfully.


Thought I'd look at the tutorial video for itunes - the sound went off 11/2 minutes into it, then I couldn't stop it. I had a quick look around itunes and decided to sync my phone. The program recognised the phone then everything froze. Windows message for a non responding program came up and had to pull out of the program. So far after several hours I have not been able to get beyond stage 2 of 7 of syncing the phone; it keeps freezing up at different stages.


Any ideas?? I haven't had this kind of trouble before with any other version of itunes.




iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1, windows xp