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I'm running an iMac with 10.6.8. Previous printer was an HP C5380. Printing directly onto CD from with Adobe Illustrator was easy. Design the layout, select print and choose 'CD' as paper size. Done. The HP needed replacing and HP no longer have any printers with CD printing capability.m


New Printer

I got the Canon Pixma MG6250 and normal printing works as it should. This printer has a small tray (called 'Tray G') that you place the CD onto and then insert the tray into a slot (inside the main paper loading slot) This slot is accessed via a drop down 'inner cover' that you need to manually open. You then place the tray into this slot and line up two white arrows. The printer should then draw this tray inside and print. (This was how the HP printer worked too)



When I select 'File - Print' in Adobe Illustrator, I then select 'Media' and the option 'Disc Tray G'. I select this then click 'Print'


The printer displays an error saying 'Inner Cover Open. Close the inner cover and select OK'

When I do that I get a second error message saying 'Rear Tray. There is no paper. Load Paper and select OK'


Has anybody got a solution to this problem? It's driving me crazy................

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    Solution, don't print CDs with sticky labels.   They don't last very long, and can leave a drive unbalanced.   Buy jewelcases instead, and use their inserts to tell the contents of the disc.   You'll also lengthen the life of the disc.

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    "Solution, don't print CDs with sticky labels.   They don't last very long, and can leave a drive unbalanced.   Buy jewelcases instead, and use their inserts to tell the contents of the disc.   You'll also lengthen the life of the disc."


    This is neither relevant nor helpful. If you read the original problem, you'd see I'm trying to print directly onto the disc surface.


    I could get a different printer or I could send them out to be professionally printed, but like your answer, this is also not relevant nor helpful.

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    http://www.macuser.co.uk/6029-canon-pixma-mg6250 says it prints to compatible discs.  The question is, what is a "compatible disc."  Does the manual offer any clues?

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    The CD is not the issue. It doesn't give me the chance to load it. It gives me an error and asks me to close the inner cover (which needs to be open to put the CD tray into)

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    According to the manual, you aren't supposed to open that door and insert the tray until the print driver displays a dialog asking you to. Have you tried selecting the disc tray as the paper size and printing without inserting the tray ahead of time?

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    Jeff I've tried it as described in the manual and it prints out on paper (instead of asking me to open the cover) Then tried opening the inner cover first and I get the problem as described in original post.


    In either case, I've selected 'Tray G' as the paper option.


    If I'm using the Apple program 'Preview' I get a few additional printing selection options and the CD prints as expected. The issue is with printing from Adobe Illustrator to a cd.

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    I have a considerably older Canon printer, and I don't have Illustrator, but when I print to CD, I have to set both the paper size to the CD tray (in Paper Handling) and the media to Printable disc (in Quality and Media). I suspect that when printing from Illustrator those "additional … options" are hidden in one of the menus.


    However, if they are easier to find from Preview, it might be simpler to just choose "Open in Preview" from the PDF menu in the Illustrator print dialog, and then you can use the Preview print dialog to print.

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    Yes, it's the additional 'Quality & Media' items that aren't visible in Illustrator.


    And unfortunately, Illustrator gives an error message about not supporting 'preview' when you try to open the document in anything other than Illustrator. For instance, you can't select 'Print - Preview' without getting the message "Illustrator does not support Print Preview" so there is no way to do so without either saving it as a PDF, and opening it outside of Adobe. Or exporting it as a JPEG and opening it in the Canon CD Printing app.


    Whilst i know I coould do that, if I'm in Illustrator while printing, it allows me the flexibilty to make minute changes to layout without having to do the endless loop of - save, export, load, print, then back into illustrator, modify, save, export, load, print etc


    BTW, this same issue occurs with Photoshop

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    While operating the printer from the Canon app might be easier, the quality will suffer when you go through the JPEG format, and in my version, at least, the Canon app doesn't import vector formats.


    I tend to avoid Adobe products, so I wasn't aware that they blocked access to parts of the printing system. but I just tried Photoshop Elements, which I have, and after setting up its own print dialog, it hands things off to the Canon print dialog, where the Media setting is still availlable. I guess Illustrator is different; I wonder what they expect you to do if you want to print on photo paper.


    I don't see a better option than exporting to PDF and printing with Preview.


    At any rate, thanks for reinforcing my opinions regarding the newer versions of Adobe products.

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    Just noticed your problem, easy fix if you haver not yet got it sorted is (presume you are using Canon easy photo print EX) open up click print settings - searching for printers- click print - MAKE SURE PRESET IS SET TO STANDARD...that's the fix!


    Hope this has helped.

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    I think the problem is that he does not want to use Canon's Easy Photo Print (since that won't preserve the quality of the vector artwork from Illustrator).

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    I have the same problem, cant print printable cd's from the mac and if i use Canons software the software cant see the images I want to use, it says nothing is available to view in the folders???

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    In CS6, at the bottom left of the print dialog box, there are buttons for "Print Setup" and "Setup." If you click on "Setup," it brings up a warning box:

    Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.12.18 PM.png

    If you click continue, you can change the quality and media settings. Select the appropriate media type and paper source:


    Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.14.44 PM.png


    Clicking print will take you back to the print dialog. Select the appropriate Media Size. For my printer (The Canon MG7120), it was labeled "Disc Tray J.":


    Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.19.10 PM.png

    I'm not sure why, but when I printed, it wasn't centered vertically. I had to adjust the placement to get the print to line up properly on  the disc. Also, I turned off scaling anywhere I found it because the first time I printed, the image was shrunk down.

    I hope this helps someone.

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    In rebuilding a new MacBook Pro (late 2013) and after several hours of frustration with Canon inkjet printer drivers for Mavericks as recommended by Canon Australia’s own support staff (MG6200 series CUPS Printer Driver Ver. and also using an older driver (iP4500 series CUPS Printer Driver Ver. as given in some fixes, my Mac is happily printing CD/DVD’s to a Canon MG6250 again regardless of the Canon drivers above.


    The fix for me has been to add (“+"} a new printer using the “System Preferences” pane for “Printer & Scanners” with my printer turned on as had been set up previously as a wi-fi printer:


    - in the “Add” window my Canon MG6200 series printer showed up - in the “Use” drop down menu I chose "Select Software” and then chose my printer model from the “Printer Software” window (presumably Mavericks’ Apple onboard suite of driver software).


    I then deleted (“-“) the previously existing printer in the “System Preferences” pane - not sure whether I rebooted the computer or not?


    The previous drivers continue to exist in the /Library/Printers/Canon/BJP/ location but it is unknown to me since I don’t profess to know too much about what is under the hood and where Apple’s drivers exist or whether the Canon driver has now been overwritten.


    All I can tell you is that I am relieved to be back in business (figuratively speaking).