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Good evening everyone. My question is very simple. I own an Apple MacBook (2008) which I am currently using an 85Watt MagSafe AC Adapter with. It works perfectly, charges the battery and runs by itself solo with no battery connected. This Adapter I am using is obviously not the original as the original AC Adapter is a 60Watt Adapter. My question is SHOULD this 85 Watt "T" style AC Adapter technically work with an Apple MacBook (Late 2009) laptop? When I plug the AC Adapter in I receive an "Amber" LED on the adapter connector (used with the Late 2009 MacBook). When I plug it into my MacBook (2008) it is Green and powers on the laptop as it should. I know from reference here (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2346) that I should be using the "L" shape AC adapter for the (Late 2009) MacBook.


My question is.....SHOULD my Adapter that I currently use for the MacBook (2008) model actually work in the MacBook (Late 2009) or do I NEED to use the "L" style Adapter for this to work. I do not have the "L" shaped AC Adapter. So I am really just wondering if technically the Adapter that I currently have should work in both units?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not a "NOOB" I understand all the facts and figures here. But if the AC Adapter I am using with my MacBook (2008) is incorrect and it still works with this laptop, should it work with both laptops?

iBook, Mac OS X (10.5)