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I'm on the latest OS X 10.8.2.  I can scan wirelesly at home with no problems from my HP OfficeJet 6900 series.  I just open up the Preview app, choose File > Import from Scanner and away I go.


But I just bought a new Canon Pixma MX892 that claims to scan wirelessly.  I've printed wirelessly with no problems from the Canon printer.  But when I want to scan a document, I open the Preview app and the option to Import from Scanner is grey and I'm not able to select it.


I went to the Canon website and found the scanner drivers and installed those.  But it still doesn't work.


I'm stuck.  Help!

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    When you contacted Canon support what did they have to say?

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    To scan with Image Capture and Preview you need to install the ICA driver. The other scanner driver you probably downloaded is just for MP Navigator.


    If you did download and instal the ICA driver, do you have a Scan tab in Print & Scan next to the MX892 Print tab? And if you do and select it, does it show a Scanner window or do you get an error message?


    Could you post a screen grab of what you see?

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    Hi..I am having the same issue as WEBNICB. I had been using the CanonMX892 with my macbook pro using Lion but got the new retina display macbook pro with v. 10.8.2 and now it is not working! I will go and download the ICA file you mentioned and when I get to my office in the morning see if that solved my issue!

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    I figured out how to make it work by going back to the product page (http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer/printers_multifunction/pixma_mx_s eries/pixma_mx892#DriversAndSoftware) and downloading the MP Navigator EX Ver. 5.1.0.


    You have to choose your OS and version.  Then the MP Navigator is located in the Software menu.


    Once I downloaded this program, I was eventually able to set it up and scan from it.


    But still no option to scan from the menu in the Preview program. 

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    Hi Y'all.  Noticed no activity since 2013.  I am having the basic same problems with my Canon MX892 since upgrading the latest drivers.  It hasn't worked correctly since!  I honestly think it may be a Canon software problem.  I should never have upgraded the driver software from the original.  The only way my machine will work correctly is hard wired.  Just the normal USB cable hook up.  I can occasionally print wireless, but definitely can't scan wireless consistently.  It is constantly having a hard time finding the scanner wirelessly.  Had no problem before downloading the most recent drivers from Canon's website.  I no longer have the Canon disk that came with my printer, or cannot find it anyway.  Believe me I have tried EVERYTHING!!!  It will occasionally work for a day or so, then it will quit again.  I am about resolved to just hook it up USB cable and forget about wireless, until I can get another NON-Canon printer.

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    Try installing Solution Menu Ex and running the program. I installed all the drivers and software as suggested here (thanks) from Canon's site haphazardly and couldn't get the scanner to work wirelessly with my mac mini until I ran the Solution Menu Ex program. It launched a window asking if I wanted to connect my MX892 to my wireless network. Once connected I was able to scan wirelessly using Canon MP Navigator EX 5.1.