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My 160gig classic ipod froze and is not responding to anything. Any idea how to restart it/format? The screen is constantly lit up with an old time. Any idea's of how to fix?

iPod classic
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    If it will not respond to a re-start (press-and-hold the Menu and Select {centre} buttons for ten seconds) but the screen is on, then unplug the iPod from power and wait for the battery to run down. Don't sit there watching it, because you actually need to wait for a while after the screen turns off for the battery to completely drained.


    Once the battery has run down, the iPod will turn off. Only then can you plug it back into power. After about thirty minutes or so, it should show signs of life, but you need to leave it to chargeup before trying to use it. Once it has enough power, it should recover and be working. The charge-up-from-fully-drained will cause the iPod to do a full reset.

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    Thanks, the fiend.