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I have a Time Capsule of 2TB and would like to access it through my iPhone. Is this possible?

Time Capsule, iOS 6.1
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    What do you mean access it?


    You can configure the TC using airport utility which is available for iOS.


    You can store and copy files to and from the TC but you need a file browser app.. like.. filebrowser.


    You cannot backup iphone to the TC.

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    With access I mean that I want to use my iPhone and see photos or listen music from my TC. I want to do this at home, inside my own network, and on my job, through the web.

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    TC is not a media player.. so you have to store files that the iphone can play correctly in the right format.. using filebrowser.


    Over internet is much harder.. iCloud and BTMM is the only way that Apple offers to access the TC from the network. And you can only use AFP to connect to files. There is an app called files connect but I am not sure you can use BTMM with a phone.

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    Ok... I will look for an app like this filebrowser, but I still don't know how to access my TC over the web. I found some articles, but none work correctly. I would like something like a manual. This is a so obvious function, that I don't understand Apple didn't elaborate a manual until now.

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    I don't understand Apple didn't elaborate a manual until now.

    Apple do not have any official support for remote connection of iphone to TC. They will never produce a manual as it is not part of their architecture.. You are using apps that are not written by apple to achieve something that Apple do not intend or support.. merely allow.


    iPhone is designed to use cloud.. this is far more useful for people on the move.. unless you have high speed fibre connection at home.. all cable or adsl connections are limited to slow upload speed.. you can never download from the TC faster than the upload link. Whereas your download speed from iCloud can be very good.