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Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 8.53.32 PM.pngThe grey layers I cant click on. They usualy have media showing...here whats missing is a mask.The mask works but I cant get to it. Sometimes I open a project and the whole thing is just one grey layer with nothing in it.

Have no Idea whats going on. Also I cant check the box to the left.

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I would trash Motion preferences. They are found in your user library (Hold down option key and click go menu and you will see library click to open) In your library window select preferences folder and find com.apple.motionapp.plist and com.apple.motionapp.LSSharedFileList.plist. Drag to the trash. Then open Motion and it will rebuild these files and hopefully your problem is solved. You can also download a free app from Digital Rebellion called Preference Manager and it will do the job for you.

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    Thanks for the reply. Gave it a shot and it did not help. If I close and open the project a few times sometime I get most of my files and sometimes I dont get any...just one grayed out layer and nothing in it. My media is all there.  but nothing in the layers. I attached another photo.Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 10.26.04 AM.png

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    This is indeed a weird situation. I notice that in the timeline you have the normal project icon followed by lights and caneras where as in the layers list they are missing(scroll bar is at the top?). Motion is obviously not operating correctly at all. Also interesting that when you launch/relaunch Motion what you see is different each time. I would try the following: Create a new user and see if that helps as there may be a conflict with some files in yoir home directory. I am assuming this problem occurs with other projects as well or is it unique to this project. Try a new project first if you haven't already or if you already know it happens with other projects. Then try the new  user idea. If the problem is there with different projects and a new user doesn't resolve the issue then I would reinstall Motion from the App store. If it works ok with a different project then your project or some media is corrupt. Finding the corruption may be difficult or impossible since you never have the full project loaded so the only answer may be to rebuild the project.

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    Ugh...figured I have to rebuild. I did reinstall motion and it did not help. However, it is just the project files with the same media so it may be that something is corrupt. Was just hoping it was some silly new button somewhere in Motion 5 that I had pressed.



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    I have the exact same problem, but still haven't found any resolution to it. I've been working with Motion 5.0.5 (since the update came out) with all my files and projects on my system disk, never had the problem of missing layers. The problem started the other day, I decided to free up my system disk, I moved all my project files and elements to an external harddisk (Western Digital USB 3.0).


    I'm assuming that the problem is not on the project file itself. I re-edited the same project, but again, layers started to go missing. So now I have two "bugged" projects which I need to reedit again. I can't say that the psd files layed in my motion project are the culprit  because in the two projects that went "bugged" different layers/elements go missing (not necessarilly a psd file.


    Will try to find a fix for this, i'll post immediately once I do (hopefully).

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    It has since happened on mutiple projects. It even happen to one where ther was just one photo (a tiff file) and the rest was paths. And all my paths would go missing so that kinda ruled out corrupt media for me...guess Im gonna have to build something with just paths and shapes to see if the problem happens then. Ill let you know.