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i wanna buy a pad for my mom as a birthday gift, she's birthday is on feb. 12th  , the problem is i just earn 300 dollars from my part-time job , so i dont have enough money to buy it before my mom's birthday .it 's her 50 years old birthday ,so i really dont wanna miss it . can i pay 300 first and pay the rest later ?or is there any way i can do ?i also wanna do the engraving too ,so i have to order eailer ....hope you have some methods can help me ~thank you so much !

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    Unless you're of legal age - 21 in most countries - you will not be able to obtain financing. So sorry but no, probably not. Unless you can borrow the rest of the money from a friend or relative and pay them back as you earn more, you'll just have to continue to save up, and for this birthday get your mom something else.