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I've seen numerous threads about this, and I thought I'd add my voice.


Contrary to popular belief engineers do see these forums...


Anyways, since I upgraded my VZW iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1 my battery is draining continusouly.


For example today it dropped 12%(100% to 88%) sitting in my pocket after some light texting, maybe 5 to 8 messages, and one app update.


LTE radio was disabled, and it was on WiFi, access point is right next to my desk.


Here is what i've done:


Reset all settings

Perform iTunes restore

Perform iTunes restore with iPhone in DFU mode

Reset all settings again

All the battery saving tips were in place, brightness around 35%.


Barely getting three hours of usage, and 12 hours of stand by.


My iPhone was fine before this.


Being a software engineeringish kind of a guy at a college that Apple recruits CS and CE majors from, I feel like I have a decent understanding of my phone, so I don't feel like my perception is a PEBKAC problem...


Get your stuff together Apple...