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I just bought a Canon G-15 camera ... I tried downloading, through a stand-alone card reader connected by a USB cable to my Mac Air Book, but Aperture would not recognize the card reader at all. I tried the same multi-card type reader with a larger card (for my Canon 50D) and it has always worked fine.

What do you think the problem is ?  I have Aperture 3.4.3 and it should work, according the specs. I was trying to download jpgs, not Raw. Please help. I am taking a trip tomorrow and I must fix this problem !  Many thanks.  Don

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    Have you checked the card? Does Aperture read it, if you connect the camera directly?

    Maybe the card needs reformatting in the camera. Does the card reader work with different card of the same type?


    Does ImageCapture see the card, or does iPhoto?




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    Hi Leonie ...


    thanks so much for your response.... I made some expirements ... and it seems that my card reader is the problem. I downloaded the Canon photo processiong program into my wife's PC and then tried hooking up my camera (G-15, cannon) with her computer directly .. with a UBS cable, directly from the camera to her computer .. and the download went perfectly. Then I tried the same ... a direct hook up between the G-15 and my Mac Air book, with Aperture 3.4.3 and it worked perfectly. So I determined that my card reader was defective. It's strange but my card reader has many different slots, for different cards, and the card for my Canon 50D works fine. I think the slot for the small card must be defecting in some way.


    all the best and many thanks for your assistance.  Don

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    You are welcome.

    I wish you a pleasant trip with your new camera and great photo!