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Daniel Perez1 Level 1 (5 points)

I bought a new Mac Mini to replace the old.  Migrated iTunes.  Sync'ed iPhone to new iTunes/library/etc.  Everything seems fine, except...


Everytime iTunes lists the iPhone as a device, it tries to find the old Mac Mini on the network and I get a "server cannot be found" error.


The syncs still work fine, the library and iTunes works fine.  If I have the iPhone turned off, or not on Wifi, iTunes behaves fine.  It's only when it's on the network and iTunes recognizes a device that it also tries to connect to the old computer.


How does iTunes and the iPhone know about the old computer?  What is it still remembering?  How can I get rid of it?  As it is, I'm repeatedly presented with the server connect issue while I'm using my computer unless I make sure none of my devices are on the network.