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Firmware update to 7.6.3 with the Time Capsule today. Normally I don't do these unless I have to but I was tempted in case some additional functionality might be available there or in the new Airport Utility such as being able to view DHCP address for ethernet attached devices.


For three hours, suffered with internet service going on and off. Amber indicator on Airport Utility for Internet on and off. Contacted cable internet carrier, all fine. Contacted Apple, recommended a warm reset via Airport Utility and seemed OK for a while and then behavior continued when pressing on to update the 4 peripheral Airport Expresses which both extend network and deliver Airplay.


Ultimately had to do a factory reset of all of them in sequence, seems OK for now but have lost all DHCP reservations and Port Forwarding which is a pain in the neck.


Unless there's a good reason to update firmware, I would wait.


Interested in the experiences of others. And if anyone knows of a way to simply view the DHCP IP address of wired attached devices I am interested...



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