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Our employees are starting to use their iPad in meetings for notes and also in the field. They sometimes either need to print our hard copies of notes or have a document sync from their iPads to their office PCs. Some employees have printing apps on their iPads, but I am looking for a streamline solution. Any suggestions?

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    sounds like you would be better of approaching some app developers for a bespoke business solution

    i think somebody like eurosmartz might be an option



    hope you find a suitable solution

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    We've installed FingerPrint by Collobos on our print servers in a few offices. $20 per install on the server and all the of our agents in the field can come in and print right from their iPads to any printer on the server. Works great and the agents didn't have to load anything on their devices. Also supports virtual printing if a doc needs more editing on a PC before phyisically printing. Took our IT guy a few minutes to set up, but really, it's such a simple solution anyone could have installed it. Hope this helps.

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    You might also want to review the following for some background



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    Thanks for this. I installed the FingerPrint free trial on my PC. Works great and should install on our print servers just as easily. Recognized my iPad and printer right away. Thanks again!

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    You could setup cups on a Linux box and add the printers you wish the iOS devices to be able to print to

    Cups has supported AirPrint for quite a while now

    AirPrint works out of the box with most recent cups release