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I have a "new" iPOD that I need to sync to my computer. I already have an iTunes account that has 2 other iPods on it, but i can't seem to sync this iPod to my computer.  Any ideas?

iPod nano, Windows XP
  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,062 points)

    What is the problem?


    WHat have you tried?

    What happened?


    Error message?


    Any info at all?

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    i have tried to authorize the computer, i have tried to upload my library to the new ipod, i have tried to do just about everything.  I have 2 ipods hooked up to this computer, under different user name accounts, but both ipods are linked to my itunes account.  I am trying to hook up a 3rd ipod for my youngest daughter to my account, like i did for my oldest. So, I made a 3rd user ID for this computer, and tried to sync the 3rd ipod, but the library isn't uploading to this ipod. Does this make sense/???

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    You connected the ipod to the computer?


    You selected what you wanted?


    You synced?


    Did it say it was syncing?


    Please explain.

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    all it said was sync complete. but, there are still no songs on the ipod