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I just took my 27" iMac 2011 model to replace the hard drive and the LCD screen.  When I got it back and restored from Time Machine, the Safari won't work, so I thought it's time to upfgrade to Mountain Lion and what a mistake.  I lost all of my mail accounts that I spent countless of hours over the years toi create and all in the sudden my computer slows down to a point where I can no longer work, especially on Photoshop and the whole Adobe Suite jsut won't seem to want to work with this new OS anymore.  I called the technical support and instead of helping, they were so inept and took so long to do anthing to a point where I was sitting in silence for over 5 minutes.  Then she told me to upload activity logs and will get back to me by Saturday.  What's happening with Apple?  I used to get answer and solution right away and not have to wait around like this.  I am extremely ferustrated and start to think that the company stops caring and focusing on just making money. 

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