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Suddenly the Apple Menu has TWO items where ONLY ONE should appear::

Force Quit

Force Quit Safai




Shut Down

Shut Down

Log Out (name)

Log Out (name)


Also on restart or turning it on after being off, on the Finder desktop there is a black rectangle outline around the startup drive (M2Macintosh HD)

OR, any selected folder on the desktop (7 folders, some alias)

The Black OUTLINE has never been been there before, and apparently signifies "two startups" which should be impossible


I've shutt down and restarted and the dual entries are still present in Apple pull down icon in upper left corner of top menu bar. Found no way to Shut Down BOTH of the 'shut down' commands at the same time. or the 'restart' commands...


This occurred after I Used CarbonCopyCloner to clone to an external FW drive after deleting and reinstalling Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player.

The same external FW drive had been Cloned by CCC 7 days earlier with no difficulties.


Also, in TextEdit when I past a copy of this info there is a black box around one line of it.


I've run Disk Utility to check permissions, corrected them, verified HD and restarted again, and the sME BLACK RECTANGLE appears as doe the dual itms.

And on this page there is a large black line rectangle that sits in the middle of the screen and does not move when I scroll the screen .. its a line rectangle like the ones on the desk top with a clear interior so whatever is there is like it should be...

just that the outline box should not be there and must be connected some how to having 2 logins in the apple menu

What can I do??

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 1.42GHzPPCG4 Mem 1Gm;CPU1.42G
Solved by BDAqua on Feb 7, 2013 10:43 PM Solved

Hi, that was fast work!


Perhaps you hit hit CMD+F5?

Reply by BDAqua on Feb 8, 2013 10:00 AM Helpful

Good work, great news, thanks!

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