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I have an Apple LaserWriter 12/640PS printer that works great.  But since LION and now MOUNTAIN LION I cannot connect to it.  Previously I had an ethernet cable going from my D-Link DIR-635 Router to a LocalTalk (AppleTalk) adapter which then plugs into the printer into it's "Ethernet" (AppleTalk or also called the EtherTalk) port.


OK now I no longer have the D-Link router, rather a new (latest 5th generation) Apple Extreme. More info: my ISP changed some things and the LaserWriter is now "set" on an IP address of:  which seems to be out of the range of my ISP allotted numbers – but perhaps I can change that manually by accessing my ISP's modem via the website / setup area??


BUT I am thinking that since I really only need to print to this LaserWriter from my one MacBook Pro running 10.8.2 Mountain Lion – could I not find either a Parallel to USB adapter or some other (USB to DIN8-"LocalTalk" port)???  I used to have some software and a cable (Parallel to DIN8) for my PowerBook back in 1994 that let me print to a parallel-port only printer back then, seems like yesterday actually…


The LaserWriter has these 3 ports:  LocalTalk (DIN8 type I think); EtherTalk (not an RJ45 cable!) and Parallel. 


I also have a G4-733 Mac from 2001 that can startup in OS 9.2.2 -- but I don't seem to find the Printer with that (via the Ethernet cable to the adapter to the EtherTalk port of the LaserWriter printer).  This G4-733 does not have "DIN8" ports - just USB (I believe 2.0 but not certain - USB 2 came out in 1999 so I think this is 2.0 and I can check when I next boot this Mac).  It also has FW400 and SCSI but don't think that helps much for printing.  Ethernet RJ45 of course also.


Any ideas on what to do here.  Again, it worked before via my current set-up and perhaps the key is just changing the IP address (or enabling this address via my Apple Extreme or via the ISP's modem setup via the web address).


Hope this is somewhat clear--- think I have most of the information on one page here.  I can run tests, buy adapters or cables if necessary-- have enough cartridges to print another 10,000 pages at least!! 


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,



Steve Schulte

Friday 8 February 2013

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, Also a Mac SE running 6.0.4 - not upgrading that!
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