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Hi Guys,


Deploying a master image from deploystudio to 20 new iMacs, binding to AD and OD, then enrolling in Profile Manager.


The first iMac I do is fine, says enrolled, gets trust certificate and remote management profiles etc... all works fine. Any subsequent iMacs that I attempt to enroll via http://server/mydevices come up saying they are already enrolled, but with the serial number of the first device I enrolled. So I can only enroll one iMac, as they just overwrite eachother in profile manager if I force enrollment by removing and re-enrolling.


I don't have this problem with iPads/iPods, got 25 iPads enrolled at the moment and able to remotely manage/wipe/lock etc with no problems.


Found only a couple of other people with the same issue and no solution, in the comments section at:


http://krypted.com/mac-os-x/automating-profile-manager-enrollment-through-deploy studio/


Although I am not doing auto-enrollment, I am experiencing the same problem as these guys...


This is now stopping me managing my iMacs because WGM doesn't pick them up either, so I can't deploy any energy or login window preferences...



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