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Hi Guys,


Deploying a master image from deploystudio to 20 new iMacs, binding to AD and OD, then enrolling in Profile Manager.


The first iMac I do is fine, says enrolled, gets trust certificate and remote management profiles etc... all works fine. Any subsequent iMacs that I attempt to enroll via http://server/mydevices come up saying they are already enrolled, but with the serial number of the first device I enrolled. So I can only enroll one iMac, as they just overwrite eachother in profile manager if I force enrollment by removing and re-enrolling.


I don't have this problem with iPads/iPods, got 25 iPads enrolled at the moment and able to remotely manage/wipe/lock etc with no problems.


Found only a couple of other people with the same issue and no solution, in the comments section at:


http://krypted.com/mac-os-x/automating-profile-manager-enrollment-through-deploy studio/


Although I am not doing auto-enrollment, I am experiencing the same problem as these guys...


This is now stopping me managing my iMacs because WGM doesn't pick them up either, so I can't deploy any energy or login window preferences...



Mac Pro, OS X Server
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    Having the same issue except we are going to the My Devices website and enrolling. 1 Macbook works fine, any other we try says "already enrolled" and takes the serial number of the 1st Mac. This is a show stopper.


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    I'm enrolling via the My Devices site aswell, just to clarify.


    and yes, this is a complete showstopper for me at the moment, since I can't seem to get WGM to pick up any ML clients...

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    So far my limited testing is showing that 10.7 Macs are NOT doing this, but the 10.8 Macs are. But I only have 4 Macs to test with right now.

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    Ok, after more testing here is what I'm seeing....


    2 users: A and B

    2 10.8.2 Macs: X and Y


    Test 1


    Login to both X and Y as the local Admin user. Login to //server/MyDevices as user A


    On Mac X

    • Install Trust Profile
    • Enroll Mac X
    • All is fine


    On Mac Y

    • Install TrustProfile
    • Enroll Mac Y
    • Mac X stays as the only device listed in //Mydevics BUT gets Mac Y's serial number.


    Test 2


    Login to both X and Y as the local Admin user. Login to //server/MyDevices as user B on X and user A on Y



    On Mac X  (as user B)

    • Install Trust Profile
    • Enroll Mac X
    • Everything is fine


    On Mac Y (as user A)

    • Install Trust profile
    • Immediately see Mac X on User B's screen disappear.
    • No profiles show on the Mac, but User A's //Mydevices now shows Mac X with Mac Y's serial number.


    Do not see this with 10.7 yet.

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    So we've mostly figured it out.


    It seems the enrollment profile that the device gets from My Devices is somehow different than the enrollment profile you can download from Profile Manager.


    If I download the Trust and Enollment profiles from Profile Manager and run from each Mac they work great. If I login to My Devices and enroll we get the previous issue. Not a huge deal for us as we have Deploy Studio and can just netboot each Mac and run a workflow that can install the 2 profiles.


    But it would have been nice to know about before hand.

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    You have to add them to WGM manually since at least 10.8 maybe 10.7.

    You need to go to Computers, +add, and type the computer name and MAC address and Save.

    If you have too many cumputers, you can import lists exported from Apple Remote Desktop.


    Once in Computers, you can go to a Computer List and add the computer.

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    Thanks for this, will give it a try when I get a minute!

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    I'll also try this if Profile Manager still doesn't work out for me, thanks alot

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    I guess I didn't realize that Profile Manager was tied to OpenDirectory. If I check WGM on the server, I don't see the computers that I added to Profile Manager in WGM on the same server and vis versa.


    Otherwise, I did figure out that computers don't show in the Bonjour list in 10.8 WGM anymore to add them. I had to manually add them which is an huge pain.

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    I just wanted to say I've got exactly the same problem with the latest version of OS-X and Server/Profile Manager (10.10.1 and Server 4.0.3 as at January 2015).


    I have used DeployStudio to clone an idealised lab Mac to a number of others in a school lab.

    Workstations (Mac Minis running 10.10.1) all have unique computer names as defined in the sharing panel and are bound to AD and an OD Server.

    The OD Server (also Yosemite 10.10.1) also runs Profile Manager.

    When I attempt to enrol any Mac to Profile Manager via http://<servername>/mydevices, then suddenly ALL the macs in the lab report that they are enrolled for management and present the SAME SERIAL NUMBER in the web interface, which is the serial number of the Mini from which the image was made.

    Meanwhile, in the Profile Manager management interface, only one device shows up as under management. Only the first device ends up being managed, and the others cannot be enrolled because they are sure that they are already.

    I was working from the assumption that something nasty in my cloned image was tangling something up - something that made the server think that each Mac was the same and was not being reset to make each mac distinct. The solution in that case is to remove the offending parameter that gives each Mac the "serial" (as far as PM sees) of the first one which enrols.

    I am curious about your suggested fix but can't see any other location from which to download a Enrolment profile. The /mydevices page is the only way I can see.

    Can you help? How did you eventually lick this?