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So I have been trying to transfer all my songs, movies with playlists, playcounts, ratings etc from my iTunes, running on Lion 10.7.5 to Windows 7 PC.


As mentioned on my mac my iTunes library is located on and external hard drive as its near 200GB and would also like to keep it on another external harddrive

when it is connected to my Windows 7 pc.


As far as I am aware I am saving library correctly, consolidatiing songs etc. I have copied the library from one external (mac) and have place it in a folder on another external (pc)


I have seen various tutorials. Some say, I have to edit the .xml file, some say I dont. It would be great if someone could show me a step by step procedure in how to do this, because I seem to getting it wrong somewhere, and its starting to do my head in.


Sometimes iTunes on my pc, will just show my downloaded purchases, other times it will just show certain movies etc. Once it showed all my playlists, but

no songs in them, and then finally it managed to show all my playlists with all my songs, but the songs, were URL's (?).


Also my music libary folders, seem to be completerly diffeent in content to


As I said, I have seen many tutorials, but have not found one, where the original source libary is already on an exteranl and is being transferred to another external hardrive. Kind of losing the will to live now, so any clear definitive advice would be great.


Thanks in advance.

Mac OS X (10.7.5)