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I have seen this problem with other users and don't see a solution that works for me other than unintalling and reinstalling the software.  When I initially install Motion 5.0.6, I can use the share menu to export my file.  When I close the applicaiton and reopen it a few days later, all of the share options are grayed out.  If I reopen the previous project or create a new project, share is still grayed out.  I've deleted plist.files from the library and restarted the computer, but nothing changes.  The only thing that works is uninstalling and reinstalling.  Does anybody have a new solution?

Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I did a quick web search on this and found a few things that people have found cause this problem.


    -Little Snitch


    For Mackeeper it sounds like you need to disable it or remove it.

    For Little Snitch I think you need to open up the correct ports for FCPX, Motion, Compressor.

    I'd start there.

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    Thank you for the assistance and information.  I do have MacKeeper on my system (but not Little Snitch).  I'll try those options.  Much appreciated!

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    I've had over a dozen students and clients call me because MacKeeper screwed up their systems.  A few had all their data totally wiped out.  It is evil, and in fact does nothing to improve your system.