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as we are slowly upgrading our hardware, we are wondering if it is possible to connect a 10.8.2 server to a 10.6.8 open directory master?


reason being that we are replacing our file server (upgrading an xserve from 10.5) which was connected to the 10.6.8 server, however since this also runs our mail server we would like to keep the OD master on it.


apart from creating a completely new user database on 10.8.2 and working both servers in paralell we are wondering if there is an easier way... any thoughts, experiences, etc. would be much appreciated.



Apple Mail, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You can not join it as a Replica.  This is not supported.  However, you can join it as a domain member (much like adding a client) and then "kerberize" the services.  This will allow access to the the user/groups list for assignment of access rights.

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    thanks for your response - seems too easy (system preferences > users & groups > login options > edit) and works beautifully.


    not sure however if we should still 'kerberise' the service - as we understand the only benefit to gain is single sign on?


    also just to clarify where does the kerberisation need to be done... on the OD master or the domain client server?

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    although the joining works well and all users and groups come across correctly, we notice that as soon as we join the 10.6 OD server the 10.8.2 server OS gets stuck every 1-2 minutes... from which it eventually recovers but only for another 1-2 minutes? trawling the logs at the moment...