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Hi there,


I am really troubeling with archiving my IMAP mails. I want to copy only mails to my local mailbox that are older than 25 days. The reason is that by copying all incoming mails, mail also copies all spam and unimportant mails into the local mailbox. However I only want to copy the mails that I was able to read and consider to be important, which I am able to do within a couple of days. However, I am not able to to that on a daily basis and that is why I chose the 25 days window, because my hoster deletes them automatically after 30 days.



- rules wont work because they are only apllied to incoming mail ( I need it to be applied to mails the are already in my inbox)

- Andreas Amann's Script is not working for me

- Mail Act On is no solution either


My wish:

A script (I might have to start manually or can ask iCal do do) that checks mails that are already in my inbox, only the once older than

20 oder 25 days (I don't mind) are copied into a local mailbox. So i still have all mails available on all devices as long as possible.



Is the anybody that could help me out? Thank you so much in advance.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)