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So I'm running a track in 64 bit Logic 9.1.8 with very little going on, most of it is audio (12 or so drum audio tracks, 40 vocals (most as BV stereo pairs)) and a couple of midi Instruments, such as RMX 3rd party pads. It's one of the track-lightest sessions I run on my early 2008 Mac Pro. I'm getting overloads every few bars, and even when the song isn't running - my CPU meter is maxed out! (See below)


I've disabled and removed all instruments and plugins that aren't being used (as the 32-bit server was crashing quite a bit as well) but I'm scratching my head wondering what's going on.


There's nothing I'm running in this session that I've not used before in another project - and all my other projects are fine. Could it be something that is using the 32-bit bridge is having a problem?



Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 12.29.50.png

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    First things first...


    Check your activity monitor to ensure it is Logic (or the 32bit bridge) that is causing the Core overloads...


    Second, create a blank Audio track with no output in your current project and select that track and then see if the cores settle down when Logic is not playing (This is to discount Live mode as being the cause)