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I have a Lion Server running 10.7.5 on a Mid 2011 Mac Mini Server, the server is bound to our Windows 2008 domain and the server is used to manage iOS device via Profile Manager as well as a suite of iMacs via Open Directory and Work Group Manager.


As of last week everything with the server was working perfectly (well it was after we opened up the necessary ports) I was able to enrol and manage devices and import AD users in to the relevant Profile Manager groups and assign the group a iOS Configuration Profile.


As of yesteraday all previously imported users don't show up within the Server App, I can import new users and add them to groups but previous users don't show up in the Users list.


If I check group membership the previous users are there within the Server App if I hover over the users I get their UserID and Node information from AD. If I look in Work Group Manager and check group members the membrs show up as Not Found.


As a result of this I am unable to enrol any new devices with Profile Manager or manage the current devices trying to lock devices fails and so does trying to enrol new devices.


Nothing has been changed on the server or our firewall, the server is still bound to AD and both LDAP and Open Directory are working fine. I can test the AD bind with dscl /Search –read /Users/username and get valid output.


Does anyone have any advice or pointers for me so that I can trouble shoot this issue please?



Mac mini, OS X Server