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I'm really not sure if this has been answered by others, but so far, everywhere I look I'm either not seeing the answer I want, or it's a different platform. I have a MacBook (Aluminum, Late 2008) Model. It originally came with 10.5 (Leopard). However, recently, I'm not too sure how long ago, I upgraded my Leopard to a Snow Leopard because there were some things that weren't working on 10.5.8 anymore. But now, my old faithful, my Final Cut Pro 5.1.4 (Academic Ver.) no longer works right =( I can still open the application and I can also play my rendered files. However, when I want to edit my clips in the slug, the audio plays, but the video doesn't. I've tried many things already, and I already have all the codecs that I need for the application to work. Unless, having 10.6.8, screws things up? Is it really true that I can't use my Final Cut on Snow Leopard now? (From all the posts that I have seen.). I really do not want to part with this program, also mainly due to the fact I have no money, and I am comfortable with the program.


But the thing that is really weird is that my sister had a MacBook Pro that came with Snow Leopard already, she installed FCP 5 on her computer and it works fine. So how come it won't work on my computer? Is it because I only have a MacBook and not a Pro?


Your feedback would be most appreciative. Thank You.

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    FCP 5 should work just fine on your MacBook.


    There are a few things you can try:


    - Trash your prefs and repair your disk permissions. There are several web-pages on the net that tell you how to do it. It's very simple in the end.


    - Reinstall FCP. It is possible that the upgrade to 10.6 "screwed up" you FCP installation. FCP consists of many files on your hard drive and if only one (or a few) get corrupted then you will see such things happen.

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    How did you install it? Perhaps a required QuickTime or Pro update is missing. Ideally, one installs from the installation disk and then run Software Update until there are no longer any available, repair permissions and start editing. I assume that you can get what you need from Software Updates, but have no way of verifying.


    If you reinstall, use Digital Rebellion's FCS Remover to may sure that you delete all the many files that Christoph refers to.


    Good luck.



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    I guess the way I'd do it is select one of the composited clips; in the Inspector > Compositing, hit the re-set arrow (the curved arrow). Copy that clip. Then select  all the ones you want to rest and Edit> Paste Attributes>Compositing.


    There may be a faster way and perhaps someone will chime in with that.



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    Thank You Very Much for your replies. I have found out that the videos that I have encoded to h264 works fine in FCP, and that I'd have to re-encoded all my DivX files =( Oh, that'll take me days! >_<

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    DON't USE H.264!!!!!!!!  It's not an editing codec.  Use MPEG Steamclip to convert your files to an editing codec.

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    If you thought my second reply was more than a bit off target, you're right!


    I was responding to another person's issue and had too many tabs open at once.


    Sorry for the confusion.




    Also…totally agree with SoCal. It may look like things are working OK, but chances are that h.264 will cause grief somewhere along the way.

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    Well, so far it's working fine. All of my encodes that were DivX/Xvid's weren't working anymore. So I encode into .avi, with h264 encoding, and they were perfectly. I also figured out that's what my sister had to do to get her files to work too.

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    it's not safe to work with h264 in fcp.  Eventually things will stop working.