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I have the mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter firmware 1.03 and I still have massive screen flickering issues on a Mac Mini 2012.


I am using a Dell 30" monitor (it's the Samsung screen just rebranded) connected to a WD 4TB Thunderbolt drive connected to the Mac Mini.


The screen is usable for the most part when I've just started the computer (although today I started having issues after a fresh restart) but if even just the screen goes to sleep, or the computer goes to sleep and I wake it later, I start to have massive flickering to black and occasionally to snow.


The effect seems to be more likely to arise when I'm on heavy graphics-intensive websites or programs (eg, Tumblr feed with lots of GIF images or working in Adobe Premiere), but once it starts shutting down those programs has no effect, the screen keeps flickering wildly.


The problem improved after the 1.03 firmware upgrade (for a while it was flickering uncontrollably ALL the time and was virtually unusable) but it has not gone away.


Any suggestions would be very welcome, either for how to fix this issue or how to get Apple to, you know, let me TELL THEM that their adapter firmware fix has NOT solved the issue, since my phone support has expired. :/

Mac mini (Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)